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Saturday, May 1st, 2004
3:15 am
Whahts a guy to do Attn: Nina/Jack
Nina cant be far then a few steps in front of me. When she stops to grab the lantern I reach in and grab a flashlight myself. I reach around for my holster and slowly bring my gun up to my face. I pull back the m9 cocking it slowly, loving that sound. I fallow slowly behind Nina, as we move into the warehouse I take the other side from Nina. “If I can get up top I can recon where the shooters at.” I flinch as that bullet shatters right at jack’s feet.

The idea of jack being shot doesn’t necessarily infuriate me, but the man does have a family and a life, and no ones family needs a dead father so I slowly advance to a ladder hanging along the nearby wall. I keep the flashlight off letting my eyes slowly adjust as I move about halfway up, the m9 in hand. I let my eyes slowly walk around as it now comes into my head, that im halfway up a ladder, with no radio.

Current Mood: uncomfortable
Thursday, April 22nd, 2004
4:26 pm
Shattering the glass ceiling Attn: Jack
"You're overworked because we *all* are, Teddy. You're underpaid because hell, your performance recently hasn't been all that great, and I didn't feel the need to recommend your raise to Division. And I'm your boss. I'm *everyone's* boss. If I want to push everyone around, then I can do whatever the *fuck* I like. So get out of my face, stop with this bullshit, and instead of being an asshole, try and do your job for a change."

You want me to get something done then why don’t you give me something realsitc today. The night shifts a joke and you damn well now this shit. Fuck this I got work to be doing, He looked to nina and offered her a forced smile as he turned around and walked down the steps, at the base I look to check if jacks still fallowing.

A walk a little bit further and reach my desk. I take my coffee mug up I toss it lightly in my hand. “ Hey jack, its about time someone stands up to the school yard bully.” I grip the mug tightly and send it flying through the window where jack stands, a slight grin on my face, as I turn and walk to IT the sound of shattering glass hitting the ground rings in my ears.

Current Mood: crazy
Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
2:43 pm
Good mornin' Teddy
I must have fallen asleep close to 5:30 in my chair, because I had received a rude awaking around six fifteen. I had become quite fond of falling asleep in my cubical, specifically toward the tail end of night shifts.

“ Hanlin, Get you’re ass up.” The words shook me back to life, my eyes fallowed over to see a rather angry looking agent Brookes towering over me. “They pay you’re ass to sleep?”

“They sure as hell don’t pay me enough to stay awake.” I shot this back at him without missing a beat. I stood now pushing past him and lifting my empty mug. I walked across the floor to get a cup of coffee, that old lion’s mug hanging in my hand. “What time is it?” I looked over to a Brookes fallowing behind me.

“ six twenty, new shift should be here in 40 minutes.” I offered a nod to him as I filled the mug throwing in a single scoop of non dairy creamer. “Brookes you know this shit is flammable?” I offered a grin as a wicked Idea of making a little more hell for jack played across my mind. Shaking the though away I moved back to my desk. “Jack in yet?”

“Haven’t seen him, but you never know with that man.” He looked back as he moved to his station. “Understatement of the year Brookes.” I turned from him focusing my attention back to my monitor. I started to catch up on the happenings I had missed during my cat nap. Nothing big had happened, slow night, maybe the calm before some storm I thought.

I figured soon it would be time for the briefing for the new team coming in, which meant jack would be showing up. Id have another fun day fighting the urge to wring that mans miserable neck. Te thought of it brought another grin to my face. Finishing my cup of coffee I rose from my chair, I looked over to where my former partners desk once was and that grin faded. Teddy was beginning to wonder why he had ever left Detroit; the extra lining his pockets had received quickly reminded him. “Buck up teddy, bastard will get his own on day.” I muttered to myself as I slumped back down. Another perfect day
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